How it all started

To us, kids of the 60s, the most common mode of transport was the bicycle. We rode our bikes to school, to leisure activities and to meet our friends. Typical of those days, our first bikes were hand-me-downs from our sisters or relatives.

Better bikes began to find their home in the basement of Petri Pitkänen–the inventor of Scouter–in the 1980s. At first, there was a Tunturi touring bike, then a Peugeot racing bike. His enthusiasm for bikes developed further, into owning a mountain bike and a hybrid as well. His last acquisition was a full suspension mountain bike. Cycling had become an irreversible part of his lifestyle.

We wanted to create a human-sized solution to pollution-free transport.

Petri Pitkänen
CEO, Rideascout

The idea of an electrically assisted vehicle came to life

I had spent almost 20 years working in research and development. The founding of my own innovation company got me to observe trends, phenomena and technologies freely.

The idea of an electrically assisted four-wheel light vehicle came to life in 2012. We had come to the conclusion that, in the age of urbanization, people were living amidst pollution and traffic jams and that there was an increasing demand for a new way to move about and transport things.
The available options were awkward, and because cities were expected to restrict or even ban driving cars in their centers in the future, a new mobility solution was desperately needed.

The idea was developed further into a concept together with specialists of different fields, and the first prototype became ready in 2013. It was clear from day one that the most essential elements of the new vehicle concept were its two seats, four wheels and modularity.

The following mules, or vehicle prototypes to be tested, began to approach the final measurements roughly, and we took conscious steps towards a new, gear-free pedal transmission system. At this point, many new kinds of ideas had been tried out, but we were still in the planning stage with a number of matters that were looking to be solved.

Valmet Automotive
to become a development partner

A remarkable step in the right direction was taken in 2017, when the product development unit of Valmet Automotive joined the cooperation. Any experiences and goals during the development process were gathered and noted down into a clear technical description of the vehicle.

We finally broke through in 2018, at the beginning of the final stage of the project aiming towards production. We let our most essential needs – light weight, brandability and modularity – guide us and created a design to match a new vehicle category.

Scouter was born

The technical aspects began to see the light and, on 13 March 2019, we were ready to launch our new product. Scouter LMV was born.

Currently, there are over a dozen bikes and two Scouter Demos in Pitkänen’s hall.