Follow us on social media and spot a Scouter on the summery streets of Finland. Join the discussion and tell us, what kind of drives would you use a Scouter for?

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A great few days in the city of Tampere with @jtp_placemaking, transport heaven, bikes, e-scooters and only in Finland - The Scouter - yes it has pedals too!

@ScouterL is a wonderful mate to explore a city effortlessly and have great conversations. Experience the environment with all senses.
@vonzadowGMBH @jtp_placemaking @CharleR @ideascoutspark @JaakkoStenhall @Tampere

Today’s bicycle and Scouter 4 wheel e-bike tour of Tampere West with property owners and other stakeholders @ScouterL part of the Vision for Tampere West+ process @ScouterL @pekcafe @jtp_placemaking

Thrilling to finally see & test drive the innovative new @ScouterL 2 person e-bike in #Tampere this week with @pekcafe #ActiveTravel