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Turn Scouter into a shared vehicle

Cities are restricting the use of cars in their city centers and providing more space to vehicles of a new era instead. Scouter, as a shared vehicle, enables even lengthy distances, such as driving from public transportation stops to the heart of the city.

Scouter offers a great interface to equipment management, so you can control your vehicles remotely as needed. It’s easy to build a business plan that fits you best onto a Scouter platform.

Scouter comes with plenty of customizable ad space, which will catch attention. Personalize your vehicle with your brand colors and logos at a reasonable cost.

Designed for last mile transportation

Most last mile transports can be carried out by light vehicles in cities. It’s easy and affordable to deliver online orders, express deliveries, foods and commercial goods in urban areas with a Scouter, whilst at the same time respecting our precious nature.

Thanks to its modular design, the range of a Scouter can easily be increased by adding extra batteries. Its transportation capacity can also be modified with personalized trunk solutions.

The maximum load capacity of a Scouter is 250 kg, allowing quite a few parcels to be delivered at once. There are no fuel costs, and due to its light weight, Scouter only consumes a low amount of power. This only goes to show how affordable last mile deliveries can get, without sacrificing the comfort of the driver!

The perfect mode of transport for travel companies

Travel companies will need transport solutions for vacationers and maintenance staff alike.

In tourist rental use, Scouter enables convenient transports from attraction to attraction to different groups, such as families with children, elderly people and even those with disabilities. Exploring an attraction sitting side by side makes it a very rewarding and fun experience!

In maintenance use, the inexpensive and silent Scouter helps to perform lodging maintenance and housekeeping.

Why not lease Scouters to your company at an affordable price? With a small starting cost, you will soon be able to reap the benefits of your investment.

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